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Irish Gifts and Novelties

Categories of Irish gifts on the page:


Seneca Ceramics= Irish/Celtic Bread & Bun Warmers

Item 0000
Friendship Knot — Bun & Bread Warmer/Brown


Irish Gift Item 102
Thistle Bread Warmer/Blue





Item 103

Friendship Bread Warmer/Green



Irish Gift Item 104
New Friendship Bread Warmer/Green


Item 0200 
Hand Painted Flowers with 5" x 7" frame

Item 0300 
Hand Painted Bookmark — 6" x 2"

Rawlton Irish Keyrings — Made from carved Irish Oak

Irish Gift Item RWCCS
Celtic Cross — Small Keyring

Irish Gift Item RWLEI
Map of Ireland Engraved Keyring

Irish Gift Item RWLCCK
Celtic Knot Laser Cut Keyring

Irish Gift Item RWLCCC
Celtic Cross Laser Cut Keyring

Irish Gift Item RW2D
Rawlton Rosewood Pen & Letter Opener Set

Irish Gift Item RW1D
Rawlton Rosewood Pen Set

Irish / Celtic Decorative Hanging Slates

Irish Gift Item 9401
Sprig of Shamrocks with Welcome 3"x 9" Hanging Slate

Irish Gift Item 9362
Failte/Thistle 12"x 8" Hanging Slate — Hand painted — treated for outdoor use
$24.35 SALE @$15.95

Irish Computer Screen Savers

Irish Gift Item 1001
Celtic Visions Desktop Screen Saver contains — 25 atmosheric Images of the Irish Landscape

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