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Irish Foods and Teas

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Irish Breads & Oatmeal Mix




Item 2802
Hogan's White Soda Bread Mix — 16oz(1lb) Box




Item 2800
Hogan's Brown Bread Mix — 16oz box



Item 2806

Hogan's Irish Scone Mix-16oz box







Item 2729
McCann's Traditional Form Oatmeal — 28oz Tin


Bewley's Coffees

Item 6201C

Bewleys Fresh Ground Coffee

Case= 6-8oz bags

$71.10 sale @ $69.10


ITEM 6002C

Bewleys Irish Creme Coffee

 CASE= (6-12OZ TINS)



Bewley's, Lyons & Barry Teas


ITEM 2011C

Bewley's Afternoon Tea

25 tea bags per box




Item 2010C

Bewleys Breakfast Teas

25 tea bags per box

CASE=12 boxes




ITEM 2014.2C

 By the Case Only

Bewleys Gold Blend

80 Tea bags per box





By the case Only

Bewleys Green Blend Tea

80 bags per box

Case=6 Boxes



Item 2017.2C

By the case Only

Bewley's Special Blend Fairtrade Tea  Formerly called Special Reserve Tea

80 bags per box

Case=6 boxes





Item 137908.2C
Lyon's Gold Tea Bags — 80 count (6 boxes)
$48.30  SALE @ $45.30

Item 85020C
Classic Blend Loose Tea-12 boxes (250 grams per box)
$9.06x12 boxes=$108.72



Item 2043C

Bewley's Decaf Tea/ 80 count per box

— (6 boxes) — FREE SHIPPING
$81.60 ($13.60 per Box)

Irish Cookies


Jacobs Rasberry & Custard Biscuits (7 Oz sleeve)




Jacobs Digestive Creme Biscuit (7oz sleeve)



Mixed Case of Jacobs Rasberry-Custard/Digestive Creams (24-7oz)



Preserves & Marmalades from Ireland



Item 1002

Alexander's Jameson Irish Whiskey Marmalade -12oz jar



Folláin Preserves/Marmalades- From West Cork, Ireland


Item 3800
Rhubarb & Ginger- 12oz jar


Irish Food  

Item 3801
Strawberry Jam 12-oz jar


Irish Food  

Item 3802
Raspberry Jam-12oz jar


Irish Food  

Item 3803-12oz jar
Blackberry Jam




Item 3804
Loganberry Jam-12 oz jar


Irish Food  

Item 3805
Gooseberry Jam-oz jar


Irish Food  

Item 3806
Seville Orange Marmalade-12 oz jar


Irish Food  

Item 3807
Grapefruit Marmalade-12 oz jar


Lakeshore Mustards




Item 2857
Smooth Strong Mustard —7.2oz jar




Item 2850
Wholegrain Mustard with Irish Whiskey -7.2oz jar




Item 2851
Wholegrain Mustard with Guinness Stout -7.2oz


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