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Pottery from Bewley's

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What could be better than a steaming cup of Bewley's world-famous Irish tea! How about a cup of Bewley's tea steeped in pottery from Bewley's!


Bewley's Pottery  

Item 8200
Bewley's — 7 Cup Shamrock Tea Pot



Item 8205
Bewley's — Small Shamrock Tea Pot



Item 8275
Bewley's — Herself Mug




Item 8276
Bewley's — Himself Mug




Item 8201
Bewley's Shamrock Mug



Item 8209
Shamrock Sugar & Cream Set



Item 8248
Diplomacy Mug



Item 8281
Irish  Blessing Mug



Item 3103
Tea Cosy Assorted Pattern (hand crafted in Cork Ireland)

$27.00 SALE @$18.00

Item 3104

Tea Cosy Assorted Pattern (hand crafted in Ireland)

$27.00 SALE @ $18.00

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